Steph Curry donates SUV to Oakland nonprofit benefiting homeless youth

As part of being named MVP, Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry received a brand new Kia Sorrento SUV.
What did he do with it? He donated it to Covenant House, an Oakland based nonprofit dedicated to helping homeless youth.

The people at the nonprofit told KTVU they are absolutely thrilled and that the gift couldn't have come at a better time.

They said they were excited to be invited to Tuesday afternoon’s MVP ceremony.

Covenant House offers shelter and other services to homeless 18 to 24 year olds.

"The warriors have done a great job of reaching out to Covenant House all year long. This is kind of like the cherry on top of what basketball can bring to the community," said Curry.

The folks at Covenant House say their vans are old.
"Well over 100,000 miles each. We needed something new and this really is a blessing at this time for us," said Bill Bedrossian, CEO of Covenant House. 

He says the vans are marked Covenant House and sometimes that can make the young people feel stigmatized.

A new unmarked van can bring the young people to and from medical appointments, job interviews and other services.

"I was shocked.  I was surprised.  I think it's awesome that he's doing something for this organization," said Maryah Pardini.

The 18-year-old said she and her mother had been homeless for two years until she found shelter here at Covenant House four months ago.

With the nonprofit's help, Maryah says she's able to resume going to school and is now working two jobs.

"They give you so many resources to get on your feet. It's life-changing," said Maryah. 

Covenant House says the new SUV will also help transport food that is donated to their organization.

The nonprofit says its partnership with the Warriors started last year and that the team and Ikea were instrumental in getting their shelter renovated and furnished.

When asked what would have happened to her without Covenant House, Maryah replied, "I would probably be on the streets right in and out of cars."

"It's a great opportunity to continue our efforts to make the Bay Area a better place," said Curry. 

Covenant House has been in Oakland for 17 years. It takes in youth often based on word of mouth.