WATCH: UGA fan taunts neighbors after Rose Bowl win

Most Dawgs fans were excited about their team winning the Rose Bowl after a thrilling game, but nobody was louder in their celebrations than a man in Fayette County. 

Former Starr's Mill High School football coach Jon Gloer used loudspeakers and a microphone Monday night to spread the good tidings of Georgia's win with his entire neighborhood.

In a video sent to us by Gloer's wife Kathy, Gloer, dressed in a second-grade practice football helmet, asks his neighbors "how 'bout them Dawgs huh?"

"We'd like to congratulate our Dawgs on a 54 to 48 victory over the Oklahoma Sooners tonight," he said. "What'd you think?"

He promised that this wouldn't be the last time his neighbors hear from him if the Bulldogs end up winning it all on Monday.

"Our neighbors turned their lights on," Kathy said. "It was pretty funny!"

Gloer previously brought out his audio setup to taunt his neighbor, who happens to be an Auburn fan, about Georgia's victory in the SEC Championship. 

That time Gloer's wife shared a video on Facebook of her husband teasing his neighbor, joking that he had "totally lost his mind." It had more than a million views.

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