Jerry O'Connell on hosting his cozy game show 'Pictionary'

FOX Television Stations sat down with Jerry O’Connell between “Pictionary” tapings to talk about expanding such a well-known game to the television screen, what to do about more-than-PG sketches and who in his household might just be the superior Starfleet officer.

‘House of the Dragon’ 101: What’s up with Targaryen incest?

This week’s “House of the Dragon,” “King of the Narrow Sea,” delivered the best episode of the series yet, as big political battles gave way to backroom dealings of a very different sort. Depending on how you feel about the episode’s boundary-pushing subject matter, it was either the sexiest or the most uncomfortable hour of the series so far.

‘House of the Dragon’ recap: A scandalous affair

Welcome to "House of the Dragon" recaps! In the fourth episode, "King of the Narrow Sea," Daemon returns to King’s Landing, things get hot and heavy during a debaucherous night on the Street of Silk and Alicent isn’t so thrilled to be the only responsible royal around. Here’s all the latest from Westeros.

‘Monarch’ recap: FOX’s juicy new country music soap opera is here

Say hello to the “first damn family” of country music! After a long-awaited premiere, FOX’s soapy new country music drama “Monarch” is finally here. And this multigenerational family saga is basically “House of the Dragon” with guitars, “Succession” with rhinestone cowboy boots or “King Lear” by way of Reba McEntire (as played by Susan Sarandon).

'MasterChef: Back to Win' recap: All roads end here at the semifinals

Welcome back to “MasterChef: Back to Win” recaps! It’s the first half of finale week, as the five remaining chefs first fight to survive the “Semi Finals” two-challenge gauntlet, and the three finalists start their culinary thesis statement in “Finale — Part 1.”

‘Lost’ star Naveen Andrews sweeps into season 2 of ‘The Cleaning Lady’

Naveen Andrews has joined the second season of “The Cleaning Lady,” FOX’s critically acclaimed crime drama, as a series regular. What happens when a can’t-miss talent joins a must-watch show? In the case of “The Cleaning Lady,” probably a lot of on-screen drama — and if audiences are lucky, maybe a love triangle, too.

Movie review: John Boyega gets a dramatic showcase in ‘Breaking’

Within the first 10 minutes of "Breaking" a man walks into a bank and hands the teller a note comprised of four words: "I have a bomb." From there the film becomes a tense, mostly real-time thriller with a masterful central performance from "Star Wars" star John Boyega as a former Marine driven to the edge by a cruel, broken bureaucratic system.

‘House of the Dragon’: Get ready for episode 2 with this rundown of the premiere

With "House of the Dragon," there are some things we’re expecting to see in every episode: evidence of the show’s enormous budget, more dragons and a variety of silver wigs on show, for a start. But other things surprised us. If you’ve already watched the episode, consider this your refresher. If you haven’t yet watched, here’s what you need to know about “The Heirs of the Dragon.”