'Black Panther' movie buzz helping Houston-area businesses

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The movie "Black Panther" is not only doing well in theaters, but some Houston-area businesses are also noticing a boost in sales because of the film’s success. Stores selling African clothing and accessories in the Houston area are busier since the movie's release.

Adeoti "Dabira" Olowu's store Dabira's Jewelry and Clothing in West Oaks Mall is one of them.

"The first week that the Black Panther came out, there was a lot of traffic," said Olowu. "People were taking numbers to buy stuff here. And, I've been doing this for almost 18 years and I have never seen that kind of traffic before."

Olowu is from Nigeria. She and her mother design much of the clothing and jewelry in the store. But with the popularity of the Marvel motion picture, Olowu has also taken on a new role.

"I became a historian somehow because I would have to explain this is what they wear in this tribal place, this what they use this for," added Olowu. "They want to know what they're wearing and what it's associated with and what language is spoken there and that really made it very, very exciting."

Olowu says customers inspired by the movie look for more variety, exploring looks beyond dashikis.

"They also wanted to have the real culture," explained Olowu. "'What else do we wear that is not only the dashikis? I want the authentic African outfits'"

The movie has also brought in a new clientele.

"Not all of them are black," said Olowu. "That's the funny good thing about it. It was all races and everybody was excited."

While the movie has helped sales, Olowu says seeing African culture in the spotlight is what makes her most happy.

"I was really proud and everybody that came in wanted to be associated with us and that was a good feeling," added Olowu with a smile.