Several New Jersey homes at risk of falling into creek

Ken and Kelly Beck are living on the brink of disaster, literally. With every heavy rainfall, chunks of their property collapse down to the brook below. 

They say 40 feet of the land behind their home has already eroded and the situation is the same for several of their neighbors on Heather Lane in Middlesex Borough, where officials expect the houses to crash down into the creek - imminently.

"I live in fear every day. I really do." Kelly Beck said. "Especially when we when I hear that two inches or more of rain is coming, and we're going to lose more and more property. And it's almost waiting. We're waiting for a catastrophe to happen over here."

The Becks say the issue began with Hurricane Ida. And got worse when a pump station and a flood wall were built upstream by the federal government which they say intensified the flow of the brook hitting their cul-de-sac. The wall they say stops 200 feet from their home and is essentially washing their property away.

One home here has already been ordered to vacate; its foundation is cracking.

Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman secured the funds for the flood wall and tells FOX 5 NY that Heather Lane is outside the scope of the project. She's now pressuring federal agencies and state officials to come up with the money to help

"Either one or two places is either the federal government or it's or the state government. And so we are trying to explore with both levels of government the kinds of resources that might exist." Watson Coleman told FOX 5 NY. 

FOX 5 NY contacted Governor Phil Murphy's office, which did not comment.