SXSW musician performs song he wrote for his mother battling breast cancer live with her in audience

A lot of musicians have come from all over the world and were in Austin to play for the South by Southwest festival. But, for one Spanish Pop artist at a showcase, it was a bit emotional because of someone who was in the audience.

Latin artist Raymundo from California had to put his career on hold after his mom got a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. But he made and come back at the SXSW 2017 festival and even better his mom made it to Austin to watch him perform the song he wrote for her.

“I felt like my world just came down,” he said. 

Raymundo went home to after his first SXSW performance in Austin in 2016, ready to put together his album...but fate changed for him, “My mom got breast cancer, and I had to put my dreams on hold because my biggest dream just wanting to see my mom better.” 

Raymundo said he knew it was his turn to be there for the person who has always been there for him.

“My mom would take me up and down to every rehearsal, every vocal lesson, every gig that I had for so many years and I feel like I owe her. I am a huge mama's boy. I am not ashamed to say it,” he said laughing.

Writing and playing music wasn't completely on hold for him; he found inspiration in the time of darkness.

“I wanted a song that would just keep her going, say keep kicking butt, you're doing amazing and we are all rooting for you.”  While the words didn't come easy, the song had a great impact on her and the entire family.

“It's so hard to come up with a song for a woman that raised you and you love so much.  How do you say all the beautiful things you have for your mom in one song?”

Back in Austin a year later, he's returned to the spotlight at SXSW this time with his proud mama right there ready to watch him perform.  “We're just rising above it all and my mom is doing great and she's here and we are all here together so I feel like it's going to be a beautiful moment and just a relief.”

As for the album, now that his mom is doing better, it's back in the works. His single "Mama" is available on iTunes and Spotify.