Tesla driver appears to be asleep at the wheel on California freeway: VIDEO

A Tesla driver appeared to be conked out on I-15 in Southern California last week.

Vasiliki Dolas and her partner were in their own car, when they passed the white Tesla Thursday on the 15 Freeway near Temecula. 

Dolas, who works in the entertainment business, took out her video camera to document what she saw: A motionless female driver with sunglasses on, head back and mouth slightly open. 

"Look at how dangerous that is," Dolas said in the video. "You guys, I'm sorry, that is too damn dangerous, sleeping and this car is driving you? Are you nuts?"

In an interview on Monday, Dolas said that she was driving home to Las Vegas when she and her partner spotted the Tesla speeding up past them – while the driver had her eyes closed.

"She was conked out," Dolas said by phone. "We kept saying,' Someone wake up this Sleeping Beauty.'" 

Dolas said she followed the Tesla for 15 minutes, trying to get the driver's attention before calling police. She said it appeared to be a new Tesla without any plates.

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Dolas ended up calling 911, worried that the driver may harm someone – or that she may have suffered a medical emergency. 

In an interview, California Highway Patrol Officer Mike Lassig told KTVU that his officers never ended up catching with the Tesla driver – they had been responding to another accident at that time.

So, officers will never know if that Tesla driver had been asleep, drunk or having some type of seizure that day. 

"It's a mystery," he said. 

There were no accidents reported involving a white Tesla, however, at that time and location, Lassing added. 

He did point out that even though Teslas have the autopilot function, it is illegal for drivers to be asleep or unconscious while behind the wheel. 

This story was reported from Oakland, Calif. 

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