Elon Musk depicted as liar and visionary during Tesla tweet trial

The descriptions of Elon Musk emerged Wednesday in a trial focused on a Tesla buyout that didn’t occur. The case focused on two tweets indicating that Musk lined up the financing to take Tesla private at a time when the automaker’s stock was slumping.

Elon Musk rebuffed in bid to move Tesla tweet trial to Texas

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was unsuccessful in his bid to move his trial over a misleading tweet about a potential buyout, saying that negative coverage since his Twitter purchase has poisoned the jury pool in San Francisco.

Tesla cuts vehicle prices in bid to boost flagging demand

With its sales slowing and its stock price tumbling, Tesla Inc. slashed prices dramatically Friday on several versions of its electric vehicles, making some of its models eligible for a new federal tax credit that could help spur buyer interest.