The pollen count in the South is off the chain... and so is this parody about it!

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Doesn't it seem like the pollen count keeps climbing around Atlanta? Well, it did for the second day in a row Thursday!

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Wednesday's count according to the Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Center was 5096, the fifth highest in the last decade for the metro Atlanta area. Thursday, that was knocked off the top five list with a 5354 count, putting it in as the fourth highest pollen count in the last decade.



Last Wednesday was also incredibly high at 4667.

It is so bad in the South that last week in Apex, North Carolina, a man's home security system was triggered by drifting clouds of pollen.

In a nearby Raleigh suburb, the Holderness family are also feeling the pain. Penn, Kim, Lola and Penn Charles are probably most famous for their viral YouTube parodies including "Xmas Jammies" which have been viewed more than 17 million times.

Well, the family has a new one lampooning the pollen and parodying the 1981 Phil Collins hit "In the Air Tonight." It's called “Pollen In the Air” and watching may make some want to sneeze, but it is totally relatable to our current spring weather.

Check it out... and try not sneeze!

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