Blowing pollen triggers surveillance cameras in NC

An Apex, North Carolina man’s home surveillance cameras were triggered by a nasty storm, but the precipitation was not snow or rain, but pollen.

James Fox shared home surveillance footage from outside his home Monday night.

White flecks can be seen blowing in all directions, falling like snow.

Some accumulation can be seen on the back of the car in the driveway.

In a post on Facebook, Fox said, “Welcome to NC, where you can make pollenmen, pollenangels, [and] have pollenball fights.”

Fox says the pollen is mostly from pine trees. He says he has lived in North Carolina all his life and does suffer from seasonal allergies.

Fox compared it to “having sand in your eyes, especially when it’s dry and windy, like [Monday] night.”

Pollen forecasts for the areas near Raleigh, NC have been and will remain between high and very high for the near future.